Daily Announcements

Dismissal Procedures

Kindergarten, Grades 1and 2 are dismissed into the Brighton Street school yard.

Grade 3 is dismissed in the back of the Brighton Street school yard.

Grades 4 and 5 are dismissed into the Yetman Ave. school yard.

All K-3 classes have assigned colored squares.  Squares for Grade K and 1 are located next to each other and grade 3 are located by the back of the Brighton Street school yard.  Please have your children line up and be dismissed from their assigned square.  DO NOT allow children to leave your line until they have lined up at the square. Please follow the colors assigned to your class below:

Red Squares: K-020, 1-120, 2-220, 3-320

Blue Squares: K-021, 1-121, 2-221, 3-321

White Squares: K-022, 1-122, 2-222, 3-322

Green Square:  K-023,  K-1(940)

If you need  to confirm your child’s Bus Stop, Pick up and Drop off Time please copy and paste the following link in your browser and follow the directions.


or call 718-392-8855

You will need your child's student ID and birthday.  If you do not have your child's ID please call Mrs. Garbie at 718-227-4219.



Bell Schedule
2014 – 2015




AM Homeroom












4       1, 4 



5       2, 3



6       K, 5






PM Homeroom




Pre-K  AM    8:10 – 10:40
PM   12:00 -   2:30

Dismissal Procedures             LUNCH PERIODS

2:20 – Bus children        Grades     1, 4       10:55 – 11:45
2:25 – Kindergarten       Grades     2, 3       11:50 – 12:40
2:30 – Pre-K                     Grades     K, 5       12:45 –  1:35
2:30 – Grades 1-2
2:30 – Grades 3-5           


United Activities Unlimited, Inc.
Children's Activities After Three Program
Please follow the link if you are interested in the After School Program:

Please log into the following site to view the Department of Education Daily Lunch Menu's:

Please check Parent's Place for New Notices

School Lunch
If you are interested in purchasing Hot Lunch for your child, and would like to view the menu, please go to the Parent Place drop down and open the School Lunch folder

Every box top can make a difference!

Log onto
www.boxtops4education.com , register and shop from home!  Earn Box Tops for PS1.   Every time you shop from their many sites, many of which you shop from already,  you will be raising money for PS1 and you will be shoping from the comfort of your home. 

Dear Parents,
If you have any questions about our after school program please refer to the United Activities (UAU) web site. This site will provide you with general information, fees and applications. The UAU after school program will begin on Monday, September 9.
The UAU web site is www.unitedactivities.org.

Hate to miss any important school information?  Give us your email so we can update you with all the news.
A notice went home regarding the use of email. We would like to have as many parents as possible return this notice and allow us to contact you via email. If you have not yet returned this notice please complete as soon as possible so we can formulate our email lists.  If you need the notice please click on parent place, go to notices and download the email request notice. Thank you

ARIS (Achievement Reporting and Innovation System) is a wonderful tool which gives families achievement data about their children and school.  Please log onto www.arisnyc.org with your child's username and password to view this information.
Tuesday, September 23
7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, September 24
Clothing Drive
SLT meeting
11:00 a.m.
Thu, Sep 25 - Fri, Sep 26
School Closed
Mon, Sep 29 - Fri, Oct 10
Cookie Sale
Cooke order due by October 10

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